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Time for a Change in Iran

by Professor Rabbi Daniel M. Zucker

International Analyst NetworkSeptember 23, 2009,
Global Politician, September 24, 2009,
American ChronicleSeptember 24, 2009.

No-to-Ahmadinejad Rally 2009
Dag Hammersjkold PlazaNew York, NY
23 September 2009

Jaanan: Salaam va Khosh-amadid!  [Dear Friends: Greetings and Welcome!]

Today is the fifth time that I am standing here to protest the appearance of the antar  Ahmadinejad at the United Nations, and I don’t know abut you, but I am getting tired of hearing the ranting of that monkey. It’s time for a major change in Iran.

Last year many of us speakers warned the United Nations, the United States—indeed the entire world—that the transfer of authority for the protection of Camp Ashraf to the Government of Iraq was an action fraught with danger due to the collusion of the al-Maliki government with the Tehran mullah regime.  Did we all possess crystal-balls? Did Allah al-Rahman grant us all the power of prophecy? Neither the former, nor the latter, but tragically we were proven 100% correct, as demonstrated so clearly on July 28 and 29, when al-Maliki used the Badr Brigade and agents of the Sepah-e Qods to brutally attack Ashraf, killing twelve of our brothers, injuring nearly 500, and abducting 36 hostages.

The corrupt Tehran regime has made its modus operandi very clear to all—it will stop at nothing in order to get what it wants. And what does Ali Khamenei want? First, he wants to stay in power, second, he desires to spread valiat-e faqih rule to the surrounding region, and third, he wishes to spread Khomeini’s reactionary “Islamic revolution” around the world. You and I understand what the antar Ahmadinejad and his rahbar Khamenei have in mind for the world; unfortunately, across the  street, and down in Washington, DC, they don’t yet comprehend, although the illegitimacy of the Iranian government and its violent corruption is almost daily on the front page and headlines newscasts around the world.

Maintaining internal control through rape, torture, and execution; assassinating, abducting, using bribery and extortion to get its way in Iraq, controlling and directing Hizballah in Lebanon, bankrolling, training, and arming Hamas to oppress Palestinian Gaza and attack Israel, aiding Venezuela and Bolivia to turn away from democracy, building Hizballah networks in Nigeria, indeed throughout Africa and South America, aiding and supporting the Sudanese government in its practice of genocide in Darfur—that’s the short list of the crimes committed by the Islamic Republic of Iran. If we add in its aid to al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan in order to subvert the elected government and to oppose Western interests, we have a prime example of a “rogue regime”.

Were the aforementioned crimes of the mullahs’ Pasdaran and Bassij henchmen the totality of Tehran’s misdeeds, a callous world might have excuse to turn its attention away. But with the continuing revelations about the Iranian nuclear and missile programs provided by the PMOI and NCRI, it is tantamount to a suicide wish for the world to ignore Iran’s behavior.  A nuclear Iran, run by the current bloodthirsty regime, guarantees us that World War III is on the horizon.

The latest reports concerning Iran’s missile and nuclear programs indicate that within five years Iran will be capable of shooting a nuclear armed ICBM at New York.  Would you trust Khamenei to act with any restraint with such a dangerous weapon in his arsenal?

This year alone, the Khamenei-Ahmadinejad regime has executed 322 individuals; last year the figure was 381. There are currently 137 juveniles on Death Row in Iranian prisons. In the last five years, Iran has executed five times as many juveniles as any other country on earth.

Iran currently has nine prisoners scheduled for execution by stoning for the “crime” of adultery: 8 women and one man. Two were executed last year in such a cruel manner.

Although official figures are smaller, approximately 75 people were slain by the State Security Forces following the disputed elections of this last June; thousands were arrested, imprisoned, and tortured, and as Ayatollah Mehdi Karroubi has reported, scores of men and women were brutally gang-raped by their captors while in state-run prisons.

This regime has set itself as the enemy of the civilized world.  Its track record of involvement in terrorism and its on-going support of the most brutal of terror organizations—Hizballah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda, the Taliban, the Badr Organization, Ansar al-Islam—to name but a few of the beneficiaries of its largesse—all of which have slain far more fellow Moslems than all other religious groups combined—set it apart from all other nation-states on the globe. Its despicable behavior—primarily towards its own people—mandates that the world unite to bring an end to this regime.  Until the regime is over-turned or Khomeini’s vile valiat-e faqih doctrine is expunged from the Iranian constitution, the world is not safe from the megalomania of an obscurantist fundamentalist who desires to return the world to the seventh century and has spent his life in an effort to acquire the power to make that regression actually happen.

It is therefore essential that the civilized world awaken from its slumber and apply as quickly as possible the greatest amount of pressure possible upon Iran—cutting off gasoline supplies, ending commercial contacts, boycotting Iranian oil, gas, and other Iranian products, in order to cause the regime to implode. Once the regime loses the ability to pay its small but well armed theological army—the Pasdaran and Bassij militia—the regime’s days are numbered in less than three figures.

But if the civilized world thinks that it can continue with business as usual towards Iran, there will be hell to pay. That is not a prediction—it’s a promise!

President Barrack Hussein Obama: Open your windows at the White House and listen to the voices of genuine Iranian patriots who are fasting now for over 50 days at your doorstep to call attention to their family members and friends who have been abducted by the fundamentalist henchmen of the al-Maliki regime in Baghdad. Send back the U.S. troops to fulfill our promise to protect Ashraf; Nouri al-Maliki has violated his pledge to protect Ashraf—he proved himself to be Khamenei’s pawn and Ahmadinejad’s puppet on July 28th and 29th.

Also, tell your Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, to stop having lunch with the likes of Trita Parsi, long identified by Tehran as its agent in Washington. Stop aiding the mullahs; do yourself a favor—take the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran off of the State Department’s Foreign Terrorist Organizations list. It was placed on the Foreign Terrorist Organization list for poorly-conceived political reasons under conditions that expired long ago.

Secretary General Dr. Ban Ki-moon: Listen to the reports that are coming to you from Iraq by Amnesty International and the International Committee of the Red Cross, and establish a United Nations monitoring station at Ashraf to see that the residents of Ashraf do not suffer violation of their Fourth Geneva Convention rights.

Prime Minister Dr. Nouri Kamal al-Maliki: Do you wish Iraq to be recognized as a civilized state? If so, respect the rule of law and adhere to the judgment of the presiding judge of the al-Khalis court and release the 36 abducted Ashraf hostages immediately. Respect the integrity of Ashraf—its residents have done more to prevent Iraq from fracturing that you ever will realize.

I turn now to address the ruling cabal in Tehran—Ali Khamenei, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and all his cabinet, and the Pasdaran and Bassij that support this corrupt regime. The wrath of those you have oppressed for 30 years is hotter than the fires of Hell. You are sitting on top of what seems to be a dormant volcano. But starting June 12th, that volcano has proven itself to be alive. You are being warned that a day of reckoning is coming, and like the great Day of Judgment, your acts will rise up and testify against you—the millions of your victims will pour their wrath out upon you like lava sprouting forth from the top of Damovand. The Ahiram darkness that you caused to fall upon fair Iran will disappear in a flash as you and your henchmen descend into the lowest levels of Hell where for all of eternity you will take your rightful place next to fellow mass-murderers Ghengis Khan, Tamerlane, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, and Ruhollah Khomeini.

Now I sound the ancient Shofar—our common ancestor Ibrahim’s ram’s horn—to call the winds of freedom to blow away the Ahiram-dark clouds of intolerance from Iran and Iraq, to cause the light of freedom to shine upon Iraq and Iran, and Ashraf:  Nur azadi miayad—the light of freedom is coming; Nur azadi miayad—the light of freedom is coming!

תקיעה גדולה

Moteshe-keram, mercí.
Professor Rabbi Daniel M. Zucker, Chairman,

Americans for Democracy in the Middle-East          

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